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Take your Pilates workout to the next level with a high-quality Pilates Reformer. The smoothest, quietest ride on the market. The pilates Reformer sets the standard in comfort and craftsmanship. With every edge sculpted and smooth, the Reformer has sleek, clean lines-appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch. The innovative Footbar and Springbar Systems are easy to adjust and minimize workout interruptions. If you’re ready for more advanced Pilates workouts and feel comfortable using a Reformer at home, there are plenty of benefits to using one. Low-impact cardio workout that’s more accommodating for the legs, hips and spine than other exercises. Customizable settings allow users to adjust the equipment for both personal comfort and advanced exercises. Pilates Reformers can offer a more challenging workout than mat classes. Thank you for shopping with Shark Sports.